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Civil Engineering

About KSM Engineering
KSM Engineering is a multidisciplinary engineering consulting firm providing a diverse selection of engineering services.
Our professional engineers are licensed in NY, NJ, SC and PA.

Whether you are looking for development, environmental, civil, forensic, or other engineering services, KSM has the experience it takes to provide designs, secure permits and all phases of your construction projects.

A Sample of KSM Experience Areas

- Corrosion Studies for Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)
- Low Order Furnace Explosions
- Electro-Explosive Studies
- Corrosion Protection Systems
- Fuel-Air Explosions
- Septic Designs
- Foundations
- Soils
- Structures
- Steel Designs
- Concrete Designs
- Drainage
- Accident Analysis
- Accident Reconstruction
- Retaining Walls
- Site Plans
- Lake Dredging
- Side Slope Stability Analysis
- Shoring Designs
- Bridge Designs
- High Rise Hotel & Medical Buildings

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KSM Engineering
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